about us

d-iD, Democratic Interior Design, is the materialisation of a synergie, the concretisation of a converging vision of two worlds :

"the digital printing industry and the real estate industry"

The result ? The birth of the democratisation of interior design, the visual enjoyment and experience of expensive material for all.

Highly performing printer can help you in many ways : 

- Whether it is for a new project or a renovation project.

- Whether you want maximise the chances of selling your property faster.

- Whether you want to refresh an existing portfolio.  

- Whether you want to upgrade the property you are currently living in.

- Whether you want to create a stunning office.

- Whether you want to create the next hype restaurant.

- Whether you want to update the rooms of your hotel without all the hassles of traditional methods.

Whatever is your reason, the vision is clear, affordable modern luxury solution for all, without the long lead times and hassles of traditional methods.


You too can benefits from our services.

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Frequently asked questions


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